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6.-Aspects about the value of the Eauric

We could think about giving a future value to the Eauric; however we will try not to do it for fear of being wrong, since there are many possible ways and methods of making these estimates, which would make us extend too much in this Whitepaper and that is not the point.

So we will go on to state the fundamentals related to the value of the Eauric:

a) The massification of the Eauric, fundamentally leveraged in the development of the Blockchain Eleutherus as part of the strategy for its usability and desirability.

b) The Eauric has the foundations to massify one of the most valuable tangible assets in the world for several centuries, such as gold, which currently presents difficulties for its massification, due, among other reasons, to its high value per ounce (although it is not as high as it should be), which prevents its use from being possible for small operations.

Another problem that it has for its use as an exchange value is the difficulty of transportation due to the risk that it will be stolen, added to the cost of transportation that gold operations may incur given its weight/value ratio. The Eauric allows gold to modernize the way it exercises its operations and adapts them to the existing socio-digital world; allowing gold to be linked to the Eauric will lead to the massification of gold in the virtualization of things, which means a potential market of more than five billion users, thus eliminating the obsolete commercialization of the gold used until the present day.

c) In a world of Cryptocurrencies valued in the year 2017 at $ 800 american billion, the valuations of cryptocurrencies as well as the Fiat currencies is intrinsically due to the value of the trust that is held in the fiat system or in each of the systems of existing cryptocurrencies. The current Blockchain sector can be divided into two areas: cryptocurrencies that occupy approximately 95% and the rest of blockchain activities that cover 5%, this is fundamentally due to the fact that each cryptocurrency believes itself capable of creating its own ecosystem, ignoring that the blockchain ecosystem must be collaborative among all in order to achieve integration. In the near future, all general activities based on here Blockchains will occupy 95% and cryptocurrencies as they are conceived, 5%. The Eauric being a part of the Eleutherus ecosystem will be the main cryptoactive with use value for exchange and/or payments, since the rest of the cryptocurrencies will be obsolete as they do not belong to the Eleutherus

d) Eauric offers a technology based on Proof of Work (PoW), Peer to Peer (P2P) and SHA-256 cryptography, few cryptocurrencies use this technology due to its high cost of installation and maintenance, as well as the difficulty of implementation. The technology developed by ElectrumChain makes these costs decrease in great proportions so that mining will be profitable at all times.

e) The community of miners who support the accounting book and who will be rewarded for the commissions obtained by Eauric's exchange transactions is another point that will add value, since it is important an accounting book impossible to modify, eliminate or lost in time and at the same time independent.

These points, like many others that we could explain, currently give great value to Eauric and in the immediate future much more value than any cryptocurrency existing today, with expectations of becoming a refuge for the financial industry and an alternative form of payment to the banking system. Thus, the Eauric would become a dual-functional cryptoactive.

All the elements described above generate a new system, which is disruptive, and the valuable financial tool of this new system is the Eauric. The Eauric for being the first value financial tool of this new disruptive system will have a preponderant value and competitive advantage, which will give it a very high value compared to subsequent cryptocurrencies or crypto assets that try to enter this new system. Finally, the value of the Eauric will be much higher than any other currency due to the elements described here, exceeding the value that gold represents.

Being the first cryptoactive in the Blockchain for universal use (Eleutherus), first cryptoactive with gold backing, the first instrument that will allow the massification of gold in the Eleutherus ecosystem which will be the largest in the world, among many other reasons, will make the Eauric have a considerably higher value than traditional gold and cryptocurrencies today known.

7.-Reward to miners

One factor in Eauric's success is having a large number of miners, who will be drawn to participate in maintaining the Eauric network due to the excellent commissions they can receive for each Eauric exchange transaction between wallets.

To do this, according to the value that the Eauric has at a certain moment, a formula called reward calculation will be created that will be adjusted every 30 minutes. The parameters that will be considered in this calculation will be mining difficulty, block generation time, block size, number of operations in buffer and time in which the operations manage to obtain 3 verifications.

This reward must guarantee the following:
a) The operation has 3 confirmations in less than 1 minute
b) The commission received by each miner is attractive so that it continues to work for the Eauric network while adding new miners
c) The value paid by the user of the network is competitive in relation to other similar financial operations, in order to continuously increase the number of users and the number of operations carried out on the network.

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